Digital Coaching

Digital Coaching

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Why does it matter?

Finding ways to do more and better with less is nothing new when it comes to gaining a competitive advantage and sustaining relevance as a business. What does continuously change is the tool set & possibilities to achieve this. Creatively integrating innovative technologies has become a non-negotiable to ensure a – preferably bright - business future.

However, as the rate of innovations & disruptions accelerates exponentially within technology and data platforms, harnessing these technologies in a useful way for your organization can become a daunting, confusing & unnecessarily expensive challenge where it becomes hard to see the forest for the trees.  

Our Digital Evolution Flywheel

There are two main approaches to value discovery: Either you let (new) technology lead the way or you let business lead the way. A tech first approach often leads to using the technology as a hammer on every potential use-case, resulting in some implementations that end up not having a solid business case or not able to scale. A business first approach can lead to very compelling pictures that however have little regard for your company DNA – technical infrastructure, people, mindset, …  and that end up costing an x-fold of what is initially budgeted.

That is why we don't believe in an "or" story but rather a holistic "and" story. We keep close feedback loops between the three main elements at play: business, technology & people. We achieve this by having our (automation) digital coaches perform deep dives, workshops, interviews & anything that is necessary to make sure we are generating value for & from these three aspects combined.  

We created a unique agile flywheel approach to boost the roadmap. This allows us to continuously innovate & discover new cases while keeping a clear sense of direction. We regularly organize moments with workshops & interviews to keep asking the right questions in order to build bigger successes on the shoulders of smaller ones. We want to avoid endless roadmaps that only deliver their full value at the end. This approach also allows us to keep up with the technology space that moves at an exponential pace. Today it’s RPA, tomorrow it’s Hybrid AI. We want to grow your digital vision beyond our initial vision together, as partners.

In this flywheel approach we rather act as technology coaches for your organization, instead of pure consultants. This seems only fitting as we want to enable, help you uncover & even challenge your boldest digital visions. When you’re trying to lose 10kg, would you hire a consultant? Or a coach?

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