Low-Code Application Development

Low-Code Application Development

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Why does it matter?

In current digital age, there is a continuous and ever growing need for software automation and new applications tailored to the organization's unique needs. This creates an enormeous pressure on the organization and the IT teams. Low-Code to the rescue!

For us, Low-Code is a methodology rather than a technology. Holistically, it is a software development approach that requires little to no coding in order to build applications and processes. The Low-Code approach is commonly used in many flavors and can serve many purposes.

A Low-Code development platform (LCDP) provides a development environment with simple logic and drag-and-drop features instead of the need of extensive coding languages. This approach can greatly reduce the amount of traditional time spent on development, enabling accelerated delivery of business applications.

Another common benefit is that a wider range of people can contribute to the application's development - not only those with coding skills but require a good governance to be able adhere to common rules and regulations (citizen development). LCDPs can also lower the initial cost of setup, training, deployment and maintenance of the created processes and applications. 

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